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East Kingdom Requirements for Siege Weapons Officers

A. All warranted siege marshals and engineers are required to maintain membership in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

  1. A marshal's warrant is voided by a lapse of membership and will not be renewed until the appropriate proof is provided to the Engineer-General of Siege Weapons.

B. All warranted siege weapons marshals are expected to exhibit a minimum level of activity.

  1. Marshals that report little or no activity for a prolonged period of time will not have their warrants renewed.

C. All marshals must be of legal age in their state of residence.

D. The individual requirements for each office are outlined below.

  1. Siege Weapons Marshal
    1. Must successfully complete the warranting procedure.
    2. Must have been added to the official roster by the Engineer-General
  2. Local Company Captain of Siege Weapons
    1. Must be a warranted siege weapons marshal
    2. As the position is a local office, the approval of the local seneschal is required
    3. It is strongly recommended that the siege weapons operators of the group approve of the appointment
  3. Lieutenant General of Siege Weapons
    1. Must be a warranted siege weapons marshal
    2. Appointed by the Engineer-General
  4. Regional Engineer of Siege Weapons
    1. Must be a warranted Siege Weapons Marshal
    2. Appointed by the Engineer-General
  5. Principality Engineer of Siege Weapons
    1. Appointed by the Principality Earl Marshal
  6. Engineer-General of Siege Weapons
    1. Appointed by the Kingdom Earl Marshal

E. The warranting procedure for siege marshals is outlined below.

  1. Regional Siege Commanders and Lieutenant Generals will administer the warranting procedure to candidates for the siege marshallate.
  2. Candidates for the siege marshallate will be required to successfully demonstrate their knowledge of the Policies of the Engineer-General to the warranting marshal including the following:
    1. Responsibilities of the siege marshallate.
    2. Equipment standards.
  3. The warranting marshal will assess the candidate for their knowledge of range safety standards and for their ability to monitor siege equipment for safe operation.
  4. The warranting marshal will assess the practical SCA combat experience of the candidate in order to provide for the adequate training of siege weapons operators by the candidate.
  5. The warranting marshal may administer the warranting procedure as an oral, written, or practical examination.
  6. Upon successful completion of the warranting procedure by a candidate, the warranting marshal will submit the following information to the Engineer-General and the Regional Siege Commander:
    1. The candidate's SCAdian and mundane names in full.
    2. The candidate's contact information including street address, phone number, and if available, e-mail address and fax number.
    3. The candidate's local group.
    4. The date and site of the warranting procedure.
    5. The name of the warranting marshal.
    6. Any further recommendations regarding the candidate
  7. The Engineer-General will determine the inclusion of the candidate on the official roster of the siege marshallate based on the recommendations of the warranting marshal.



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