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EK Deputy Earl Marshal for Siege
Lord Richard le Hauke


As we prepare for War Season, I encourage each of you to fix and repair equipment, build new weapons and ammunition, hold, teach, or attend classes and help us build the Siege Weapons Community. Let's make Siege weapons the definitive and deciding factor on any field, in any battle in which we participate.


Richard le Hawke



To begin, here is Contact information.

You can find marshals in your area for help with questions, find information and listings. Marshals can sign in and update their information.
Marshals pages.


We don't have the Events page ready yet.

The Interkingdom Siege Weapons competition is underway. Find more information at ISWC


The library has information on building and competing with siege. Rules and Regualtions can be found on that page. The community can download these documents or upload relevant ones.

The gallery has pictures. Gallery

Links to other pages of interest to the Siege community. Links


February 2013
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