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InterKingdom Siege Weapons Competition

Greetings unto the East Kingdom!

We have the pleasure to announce the inaugural year of siege scorekeeping! (Okay, this was written 8 years ago, but we're hoping to get things back on track. Bear with us. Please? ) During the winter, many interested siege engineers got their heads together and organized a standard for scoring target siege competitions. This was initiated by and primarily organized by Lord Caedmon Wilson of the Middle Kingdom. This competition is called the Interkingdom Siege Weapon Challenge (ISWC), and began a few short months ago and will run until the end of the year. The rules and current rankings (as of 2008) can be found at ISWC.

We in the East Kingdom are in full support of this competition and wish to encourage the participation by as many of our populace as possible. By participating, we display the prowess of the East Kingdom and at the same time improve the skill of our engineers.

To highlight the East Kingdom participation, we will also be ranking The East Kingdom engineers on our own web pages. This accomplishes a few things:

  • We can more easily see how East Kingdom engineers are faring relative to each other.
  • We can set up the infrastructure for East Kingdom scoring in the future, similar to the way target archery is done today.
  • We can encourage greater participation from East Kingdom engineers.

Scorekeeping Information

Scoring and Competition Details.

Current Rankings

Click here to see the current ( 2006 ! ) rankings.



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