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Links of interest to Siege Engineers

Historical References

Archaeological Finds Related to Siege Engines
Roman Weapons
Chinese Traction Trebuchet (c. 1044 CE)
Siege Engines and Trebuchets
Caerphilly Castle
Danish Siege Engine Reconstructions
March 1979 Scientific American article

The Grey Company (Australian Mediævalists)

Trebuchet page
Links and references

Siege reference sites
siege weapons


Greek "Palintone" (stone throwing ballista)
baby ballista
ballista jr.

Pierriers (traction trebuchets)

historical reconstructions
the perrier


the visby trebuchet
"Northern Exposure" Trebuchet
physics of the trebuchet
small trebuchet
scaring the sheep
Legion XXIV Scale Model Trebuchet
Ripcord's Trebuchet Stuff - Submitted by Hew of Kilraag

Poliorcetics (Siegecraft & Fortification)

Ancient Fortifications and Artillery


Ballista construction plans
more trebuchet plans
small portable trebuchet
warwolf kit (scale kit)
trebuchet store model kits model kits model kits

Additional Links

sources for documentation links page
combat missile and siege links links page
Engins de Guerre - Not considered a period source, designs/drawings are difficult to decipher.



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